41 International HYM Meeting
Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th of September 2022.

Sunday 4th to Thursday 8th of September 2022.

In relation to Covid 19 cancellation and refund, you can read more about our refund scheme on the registration page – which will be updated regularly. Don’t worry – be happy!!

HYM 2022

It is with great pleasure that our 2 coming presidents, Mette Lindekilde and Tom Albrigtsen, Tangent Denmark, and Ex-Table Denmark can welcome you to HYM2022 in Odense Denmark to a real Side by Side meeting.

It has been great to meet a lot of you at many meetings around the world and to learn from your experiences from planning your events. We have taken all the best from all of them and are now offering you a great International HYM in Odense.

Furthermore, I would also like to thank and respect Odense Municipality and mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel for the goodwill and interest they have shown.

We have used HYM2022 to advertise for International tabling in Denmark and have involved many of our members in the work – with homeparties and the pretours. That is why you can look forward to meet a lot of Danes at the HYM2022.

Rejoice – everyone is ready to give you a unique experience ….

Pretours - not 1 but 2!

We have of course arranged a pretour for you, not just one but two!
One for Copenhagen and one for Billund.
To make the trips unique, we have combined ordinary tourist experiences with unique company visits. We have many very interesting things on offer for you, including personal guides.
If you would like to see how Lego makes their bricks, we would recommend booking the tour for Billund.
Furthermore, we have arranged dining with the clubs, so that you will get to experience the Danish Tangents and Ex-tables

We are very excited for the pretours.

“Thank you for your participation”

On behalf of Tangent and Ex-Table Denmark, we have been excited to share this website and this program. It is great to think back on the amazing support and willingness to serve that we have experienced. Therefore, it will not only be a great experience for you to participate - but HYM2022 will also motivate and inspire many of our members to get a new perspective on 41 International. I am sure that you as a guest will be a great inspiration to us. Thank you for your participation.

Ex-Table Danmark

41 International

Tangent Danmark


We have partnered with 3 hotels in Odense. They are all located in Odense Centrum within walking distance of each other, approximately 200 – 300 meters.
2 Hotels are 4 stars and one Hotel is a very nice budget Hotel called Cabin Inn.
Hotel Odeon will be the main hotel.


Various sightseeing tours are arranged on both Friday and Saturday. There will be both regular tourist trips and combi tours where there are both tourist and company visits. The pictures are from the brand new H.C. Andersen museum and a robot factory in Odense.

HYM 2022